Boulder School 2000: Lecture Notes

V. Ambegaokar (Cornell University)

Robert A. Smith (University of Birmingham)

L. Balents (University of California, Santa Barbara)

G. Boebinger lecturing at Boulder School 2000

G. Boebinger (NFML, Los Alamos)

G. W. Crabtree (Argonne National Laboratory)

A. T. Dorsey (University of Florida)

S. M. Girvin (Indiana University)

Greene lecture at Boulder School 2000

L. H. Greene (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

D. Larbalestier (University of Wisconsin)

  • Lecture 1 - Essential Materials Properties for Useful Conductors (LTS and HTS). Flux Pinning, Irreversibility Fields, Percolation and Inhomogeneities
  • Lecture 2 - Development of High Jc in Conductor Forms and the Limitations imposed by available Processing Routes. Brief Outline of Applications Specific Conductor Demands (No notes available)

J. M. Martinis (NIST, Boulder)

K. A. Moler (Stanford University)

V. Moshchalkov (Laboratory of Solid State Physics and Magnetism)

L. Radzihovsky (University of Colorado, Boulder)

D. Ralph (Cornell University)

R. E. Sager (Quantum Design, Inc.)

J. A. Sauls (Northwestern University)

A. Sudbø (Trondheim)

J. Talvacchio (Northrop Grumman STC)

Z. Tesanovic lecture at Boulder School 2000

Zlatko Tešanovic (Johns Hopkins University)

  N.-C. Yeh (California Institute of Technology)