Boulder School 2012: Lecture Notes

Lecture notes posted in PDF format (click here for videos)

Week 1
July 9 Pincus Fundamental Forces I - Course Outline | Student Notes PDF
Mahadevan Introduction to Hydrodynamics I PDF
Grosberg Polymer Physics I PDF
July 10 Mahadevan Hydrodynamics II PDF
Rubinstein Polymer Physics II PDF
Mahadevan Hydrodynamics III PDF
July 11 Rubinstein Polymer Physics III PDF
Clark Liquid Crystals I PDF
Pincus Fundamental Forces II - Student Notes PDF
July 12 Clark Liquid Crystals II PDF
Grosberg Polymer Physics IV PDF
Pincus Fundamental Forces III - Student Notes  
July 12 Students Poster Session I PDF
July 13 MacKintosh Semiflexible Polymers  
Clark Liquid Crystals III PDF
Rubinstein Polymer Physics Extra Lecture  
Week 2
July 16 Kumacheva Microfluidics PDF
McLeish Polymer Dynamics I PDF
Safran Surfacants and Membranes I PDF1 | PDF2
MacKintosh Semiflexible Polymers Extra  
July 17 McLeish Polymer Dynamics II PDF
Safran Surfacants and Membranes II PDF3 | PDF4
Kuhl Surfaces and Interfaces I  
Kuhl Surfaces and Interfaces II  
July 18 Safran Mixed Membranes and Rafts PDF5 | PDF6
Weitz Introduction to Colloids PDF
McLeish Polymer Dynamics III PDF
July 18 Students Poster Session II PDF
July 19 Kremer Introduction to Computer Simulations I PDF
MacKintosh Active Systems I - Student Notes  
Kuhl Introduction to Scattering Techniques  
July 19 Weitz Public Lecture: Physics of Cooking PDF
July 20 Weitz Introduction to Microscopy PDF
Kremer Introduction to Computer Simulations II PDF
MacKintosh Active Systems II - Student Notes  
Week 3
July 23 Grosberg Biopolymers PDF
Rabin Networks and Gels I PDF
Pine Introduction to Rheology and Microrheology PDF
July 24 Pine Physics of Colloids I PDF
Grosberg Disordered Polymers PDF
Rubinstein Charged Polymers I PDF
July 24 Students Poster Session III PDF
July 25 Shakhnovich Proteins I PDF
Pine Physics of Colloids II PDF
Rabin Networks and Gels II PDF
July 25 Hummelen Public lecture from the Renewable & Sustainable Energy school on “Plastic Solar Cells” Duane Physics G1B30 (Website)  
July 26 Rubinstein Charged Polymers II PDF
Rabin Biophysics and Soft Matter by Numbers PDF
Shakhnovich Proteins II PDF
July 26 Chaikin Public Lecture: Experiments with Candies, Dice and Colloids  
July 26   Soft Olympic Games Official Rules PDF
July 27 Rubinstein Charged Polymers III PDF
Shakhnovich Proteins III PDF
Shakhnovich Proteins Extra  
Week 4
July 30 Zhulina Brushes and micelles I PDF
Frenkel Computer Simulations I PDF
Bruinsma Viruses I - Homework PDF
July 31 Chaikin Colloids I  
Bruinsma Viruses II PDF
Zhulina Brushes and micelles II PDF
August 1 Chaikin Colloids II  
Zhulina Block Copolymers PDF
Frenkel Computer Simulations II  
August 2 Bruinsma Membranes, the Nernst Potential, and the Action Potential PDF
Frenkel Computer Simulations III PDF
August 3   What did we learn in this course?