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Alexander Altland

condensed matter theory, nonlinear dynamics, mesoscopic systems (Theorist)

Institution: Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Cologne
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Anton Andreev

Electron transport in disordered and mesoscopic systems, kinetics of one-dimensional electron liquids, superconductivity.

Institution: University of Washington

John Chalker

Condensed matter theory: systems with quenched disorder and/or strong correlations, including quantum Hall systems and frustrated magnets. (Theorist)

Institution: Oxford University
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Dominique Delande

My main interest in the physics of complex quantum systems, either chaotic or disordered. I am especially interested in transport properties in cold atomic gases. (Theorist)

Institution: Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, Universite Pierre et Marie Curie
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Daniel S. Fisher

I have worked in a variety of areas of statistical physics, especially disordered systems, but my current research focus is biology: primarily  evolutionary dynamics, including immunology and microbes in the lab and in nature, and dynamical processes in cells. (Theorist)

Institution: Stanford University
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Thierry Giamarchi

My main interest are in low dimensional quantum systems (Luttinger liquids and the likes) and in disordered classical and quantum systems.  (theorist).

Institution: University of Geneva
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Leonid Glazman

Low-dimensional and mesoscopic quantum condensed matter. (Theorist)

Institution: Yale University
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David A. Huse

Quantum many-body physics, particularly phase transitions and dynamics. Applications include ultracold atoms, spin liquids, many-body localization, eigenstate thermalization. (Theorist)

Institution: Princeton University

Alex Kamenev

Condensed matter theory, non-equilibrium systems, cold gases, population dynamics (Theorist)

Institution: University of Minnesota
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Corinna Kollath

The focus of our research interest is the understanding of static and non-equilibrium phenomena in interacting many body systems both in condensed matter systems and quantum gases. (Theorist)

Institution: University of Bonn
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Alexander Mirlin

Theoretical condensed matter physics, in particular: quantum transport, disorder, interactions, quantum phase transitions, non-equilibrium phenomena. (Theorist)

Institution: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
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Anatoli Polkovnikov

I am mainly working in the areas of condensed matter physics, atomic physics and statistical mechanics focusing on the theory of non-equilibrium many-body phenomena. (Theorist)

Institution: Boston University
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Mikhail E. Raikh

My main interest lies in the electron and light propagation in the disordered media. Recently I’ve got interested in spin transport in organic semiconductors. (Theorist)

Institution: University of Utah
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Dan M. Stamper-Kurn

I presently use ultracold atoms to study condensed-matter phenomena such as magnetism, superfluidity, and non-equilibrium dynamics; quantum optics and cavity optomechanics; quantum and precision measurement; and, really, anything else interesting that crops up. (Experimentalist)

Institution: University of California, Berkeley
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Thomas Vojta

I am a theorist working at the boundary between condensed matter and statistical physics. I currently focus on classical, quantum, and nonequilibrium phase transitions, in particular under the influence of disorder. (Theorist)

Institution: Missouri University of Science and Technology
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Ali Yazdani

Experimental condensed matter physics.

Institution: Princeton University
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Photo & Contact Information Research Interests

Juan Atalaya

My areas of interest are nonequilibrium physics, dephasing in resonant systems (e.g., qubits), spin dynamics, nanomechanics, nanothermodynamics and graphene. (Theorist)

Institution: Institut für Theoretische Festkörperphysik (TFP), Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)
Advisor: Prof. Dr. Gerd Schön

Yasaman Bahri

Topological phases and correlated systems; transport and kinetic theory; aspects of quantum information theory in condensed matter. (Theorist)

Institution: University of California, Berkeley
Advisor: Prof. Ashvin Vishwanath

Soumya Bera

My main direction of research is in the broad field of `Quantum Correlated Matter’ with recent focus on quantum dynamics of strongly dissipative systems. (Theorist.)

Institution: Institute Neel, Grenoble
Advisor: Prof. Harold Baranger (Duke)
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Ali Beyramzadeh Moghadam

I am interested in the physics of quantum systems with frustration. (Theorist)

Institution: University of California, Riverside
Advisor: Kirill Shtengel

Paraj Bhattacharjee

I am interested in topological phases in matter and disorder effects in driven systems. (Theorist)

Institution: California Institute of Technology
Advisor: Gil Refael

Rudro Rana Biswas

Quantum and topological aspects of impurities and disorder in exotic and experimentally viable materials. (Theorist)

Institution: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Advisor: Subir Sachdev
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Barry Bradlyn

I am interested in quantum transport and topological phases. (Theorist)

Institution: Yale University
Advisor: Nicholas Read

Nicholas P. Breznay

I am interested in disorder driven quantum phase transitions, fluctuation phenomena, and “topotronics.” (Experimentalist)

Institution: Stanford University
Advisor: Aharon Kapitulnik

Jennifer Cano

I am interested in strongly correlated electron systems and classifying topological phases. (Theorist)

Institution: University of California, Santa Barbara
Advisor: Chetan Nayak

Tianran Chen

Disorder effects on electronic transport in strongly-correlated charged systems, such as nanocrystal assemblies and topological insulators. (Theorist)

Institution: University of Minnesota
Advisor: Boris Shklovskii

Gil Young Cho

Research interest: I am generally interested in the strongly correlated systems, including topological phases in two and three dimensions, spin liquids, and quantum Hall states. (Theoretical)

Institution: University of California, Berkeley
Advisor: Prof. Joel E. Moore

Ashley Cook

I am interested in disorder, quantum dynamics, strongly-correlated systems, superconductivity, topological phases, and quasiparticles. (Theorist)

Institution: University of Toronto
Advisor: Prof. Arun Paramekanti

Luca D'Alessio

Open and Closed, Classical and Quantum, periodically driven systems. (Theorist)

Institution: Boston University
Advisor: Anatoli Polkovnikov

Raka Dasgupta

I am interested in dynamics of quantum many-body systems with a strong focus on ultracold atoms (including properties of Feshbach resonance, BCS-BEC crossover, and dynamics of population-imbalanced fermionic systems). (Theorist)

Institution: Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics, South Korea
Advisor: Gentaro Watanabe

Scott Dietrich

Nonlinear transport mechanisms in low dimensional electron systems. (Experimentalist)

Institution: City College of New York
Advisor: Sergey Vitkalov

Jonathan Edge

I am interested in topological systems in the presence of disorder. (Theorist)

Institution: Leiden University
Advisor: Carlo Beenakker
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Alexey Galda

Field theory of non-equilibrium systems, magnetization dynamics in magnetic nanostructures. (Theorist)

Institution: Argonne National Laboratory
Advisor: Valerii Vinokur

Oleksandr Gamayun

Non-equilibrium processes in one-dimensional quantum fluids; conformal field theories. (Theorist)

Institution: Lancaster University
Advisor: Vadim Cheianov

Scott Geraedts

My interests are in topological phases, Monte Carlo methods and lattice models. (Theorist)

Institution: California Institute of Technology
Advisor: Olexei Motrunich

Shreyoshi Ghosh

My field of research interest is mostly non-equilibrium dynamics of strongly correlated systems, specifically, the scaling properties of defect densities produced after slow quenches with a finite rate that drives the system through quantum phase transitions. (Theorist)

Institution: Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden
Advisor: Masud Haque

Ara Go

My main interest is in the broad areas of strongly correlated electron systems, focusing on numerical studies on interaction-driven phase transitions. (Theorist)

Institution: Columbia University
Advisor: Andrew J Millis

Sarang Gopalakrishnan

Phase transitions in open quantum systems (e.g., in cavity QED and quantum optics); frustration, glassiness, and localization; crystalline and liquid-crystalline phases of quantum matter. (Theorist)

Institution: Harvard University
Advisor: Paul Goldbart

Andrey Gromov

I am interested in Effective theories for Hall-like systems, Hall viscosity, integrable systems and entanglement in gauge theories. (Theorist)

Institution: State University Of New York at Stony Brook
Advisor: Alexander G. Abanov

Arbel Haim

I’m a theorist working on Majorana Fermions in condensed matter systems. (Theorist)

Institution: Weizmann Institute of science
Advisor: Prof. Yuval Oreg

Daniel Hernangómez Pérez

My scientific interests are mainly integer and fractional quantum Hall effects (IQHE/FQHE), Rashba spin-orbit coupling and spin relaxation in high magnetic fields. (Theorist)

Institution: Centre Nationale del Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) / Nanosciences Foundation
Advisor: Thierry Champel

Tim Hsieh

I am interested in topological phases and materials, as well as applications of entanglement in topological systems. (Theorist)

Institution: MIT
Advisor: Liang Fu

Tatsuhiko Ikeda

Quantum Thermodynamics (Theorist)

Institution: The University of Tokyo
Advisor: Masahito Ueda

Sonika Johri

Disordered and strongly interacting condensed matter systems. Currently, I am doing research on the fractional quantum Hall effect, and on resonant states in the Anderson model of localization. (Theorist)

Institution: Princeton University
Advisor: R. N. Bhatt

Alexandra Junck

I am interested in topological insulators, quantum transport, and systems with disorder and interactions. (Theorist)

Institution: Freie Universität Berlin
Advisor: Felix von Oppen

Torsten Karzig

My research interests include: non-equilibrium effects in one dimensional systems, topological states of matter and Majorana fermions. (Theorist)

Institution: California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
Advisor: Gil Refael

Ahmet Keles

Non-equilibrium transport in electronic systems, disorder, superconductivity, strongly correlated systems. (Theorist)

Institution: University of Washington
Advisor: Anton Andreev

Ilia Khait

I’m interested in strongly correlated electrons. I currently work on Hard Core Bosons. (Theorist)

Institution: Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Advisor: Prof. Assa Auerbach

Hyungwon Kim

I study theoretical quantum statistical mechanics and I am mainly interested in dynamics of entanglement in a generic quantum system. (Theorist)

Institution: Princeton University
Advisor: David Huse

Younghyun Kim

I am interested in strongly correlated systems and transport properties.(Theorist)

Institution: University of California, Santa Barbara
Advisor: Roman Lutchyn / Chetan Nayak

Eleftherios Kirkinis

Hydrodynamics, physics of disordered materials (Theorist)

Institution: Northwestern University
Advisor: Anton Andreev

Avraham Klein

I’m interested mainly in dynamics of nonequilibrium systems,  especially when interactions are important, for example superfluid rotons and thin liquid films. (Theorist)

Institution: The Hebrew University in Jerusalem
Advisor: Oded Agam

Maciej Koch-Janusz

I’m interested in topological systems, in particular topological insulators and exactly solvable models. (Theorist)

Institution: Weizmann Institute of Science
Advisor: Prof. Ady Stern

Michael Kolodrubetz

I am interested in investigating quantum many-body systems out of equilibrium using numerical methods, critical properties, quantum geometry, and other methods/ideas. (Theorist)

Institution: Boston University
Advisor: Prof. Anatoli Polkovnikov

Elio König

Theoretical condensed matter physics with a particular emphasis on Anderson transitions and topological states of matter. (Theorist)

Institution: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Advisor: A.D.Mirlin

Akshay Kumar

Quantum dynamics, Quantum hall physics, Chern insulator. (Theorist)

Institution: Princeton University
Advisor: Prof. Shivaji Sondhi

Shu-Ping Lee

I am interesting in topological insulator, Majorana fermions, and spin liquid. (Theorist)

Institution: Caltech
Advisor: Prof. Jason Alicea

Yi Li

I am a theorist primarily interested in the study of topological states in condensed matter and ultracold atom systems, including high dimensional topological insulators with Landau levels, solvable models with topological excitations, spin-orbit physics in ultra-cold magnetic dipolar fermions, and strongly correlated Mott-insulators. (Theorist)

Institution: UC San Diego / Princeton.
Advisor: Prof. Congjun Wu and Prof. Ken Intriligator (co-adviser)
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Mariya Medvedyeva

Approaches to describe non-equilibrium physics: Lindblad equations vs. non-equilibrium Green functions, Heisenberg equations of motions; interplay of classical and quantum thermalization; developing of correlations in the system after quench; AdS/CFT approach to describe condensed matter phenomena. (Theorist)

Institution: Georg-August University, Goettingen
Advisor: Professor: Stefan Kehrein

David Mross

Exotic phases in correlated fermion systems; non-Fermi liquid metals and un- conventional quantum criticality. (Theorist)

Institution: MIT
Advisor: T. Senthil

Rahul Nandkishore

I am interested in many body phenomena in disordered quantum systems.  (Theoretical)

Institution: Princeton University
Advisor: Leonid Levitov

Falko Pientka

I am interested in topological superconductors and insulators, with emphasis on Josephson effects and effects of disorder on the topological state. (Theorist)

Institution: Freie Universität Berlin
Advisor: Felix von Oppen

Fernanda Pinheiro

I am interested in critical phenomena in many-body quantum systems. In particular, I study these issues using cold atoms in optical lattices and with orbital degrees of freedom. (Theorist)

Institution: Stockholm University and Nordita
Advisor: Jonas Larson and Jani-Petri Martikainen

Pedro Ponte

Dirac materials and topological phases. I am currently working on Weyl semimetals. (Theorist)

Institution: Perimeter Institute/ University of Waterloo
Advisor: Dima Abanin

Tom Price

Strongly correlated low dimensional systems with a current focus on one-dimensional quantum hydrodynamics. (Theorist)

Institution: University of Cambridge
Advisor: Dr Austen Lamacraft

Caroline Richard

Interests: - mesoscopic physic and transport properties. - interplay of ferromagnetism and superconductivity (Theorist)

Institution: SPSMS/INAC at CEA Grenoble (France)
Advisor: Julia Meyer and Manuel Houzet

Maria-Theresa Rieder

Topological superconductors and insulators, esp. their robustness to disorder, and equilibration in 1D systems, including its impact on transport properties. (Theorist)

Institution: Freie Universität Berlin
Advisor: Piet W. Brouwer

Lucile Savary

I am particularly interested in quantum or novel phases of matter, esp. quantum spin liquids, and their realizations in real materials. (Theorist)

Institution: University of California, Santa Barbara
Advisor: Leon Balents
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Mike Schecter

My main focus aims towards the nature of superfluidity and quantum transport in reduced dimensions, with emphasis on the dynamics of impurities in one-dimensional quantum liquids. (Theorist)

Institution: University of Minnesota
Advisor: Alex Kamenev
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Brian Skinner

My primary interest is in describing electronic systems where the Coulomb interaction induces strong correlations between charges, including 2D electron gases, topological insulators, nanocrystal assemblies, and supercapacitors. (atter Theorist).

Institution: University of Minnesota
Advisor: Boris I. Shklovskii
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Inti Sodemann

Quantum Hall effect phenomena, interactions in graphene, fermionic cold atoms, spintronics. (Theorist)

Institution: University of Texas at Austin
Advisor: Allan MacDonald

Justin Song

Mesoscopics, 2D Materials, Non-locality; 3Gen Solar Cells, Optics/Opto-electronics (Theorist)

Institution: Harvard University and MIT
Advisor: Leonid Levitov

Mason Swanson

My research is in quantum phase transitions in strongly correlated systems; most recently in the disorder driven superconductor-insulator transition. (Theorist)

Institution: The Ohio State University
Advisor: Nandini Trivedi

Evelyn Tang

Topological phases in strongly correlated systems and realizing such phases in materials, e.g. in frustrated or narrow-band systems. (Theorist)

Institution: MIT
Advisor: Xiao-Gang Wen

Mauritz van den Worm

Dynamics of long-range interacting quantum spin systems. (Theorist)

Institution: Stellenbosch University, South Africa
Advisor: Michael Kastner
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Jukka Vayrynen

Topological insulators, electron transport, disordered systems. (Theorist)

Institution: Yale University
Advisor: Leonid Glazman

Benjamin Wieder

Braiding and observing Majorana fermions. Understanding and proposing novel models of topological insulators and superconductors.  (Theorist)

Institution: University of Pennsylvania
Advisor: Charles Kane

Justin H. Wilson

I am interested in much of condensed matter and mathematical physics. Particularly, topological states of matter, quantum entanglement, Casimir effect, cold atom systems, and quantum geometry. (Theorist)

Institution: University of Maryland at College Park
Advisor: Victor Galitski
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Liang Wu

Topological materials, Weyl materils, THz spectroscopy, Ultrafast phenomena. (Experimentalist)

Institution: Johns Hopkins University
Advisor: N. Peter Armitage

Wenchao Xu

My research interest is investigating the quantum behavior of ultracold Fermionic gas in optical lattice, especially the case with disorder. (Experimentalist)

Institution: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Advisor: Brian DeMarco

Norman Yao

I am interested in topological systems, localization, frustrated magnetism and quantum computation. (Theorist)

Institution: Harvard University
Advisor: Mikhail D. Lukin
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Jhih-Shih You

I am interested in ultracold atom/molecule and strongly correlated low dimensional systems. (Theorist)

Institution: National Tsing Hua University
Advisor: Daw-Wei Wang

Bihui Zhu

Quantum simulation of many-body physics with ultracold atomic and molecular systems. (Theorist)

Institution: JILA, University of Colorado Boulder
Advisor: Ana Maria Rey


Photo & Contact Information Research Interests

Victor Gurarie

I am interested in solvable models of quantum field and many body theory describing critical and topological states of matter, with applications to condensed matter physics, especially in the context of cold atoms. (Theorist)

Institution: University of Colorado at Boulder
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Julia Meyer

The focus of my research is mesoscopic physics, but my interests also span superconductivity and quantum critical phenomena. My research investigates the interplay between low-dimensionality as well as interactions and disorder by studying e.g. superconductor-ferromagnet hybrids, topological insulators, quantum wires, and ultra-cold atomic gases. (Theorist)

Institution: Université Joseph Fourier / CEA Grenoble
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Leo Radzihovsky

I am interested in states of condensed matter and phase transitions between them, particularly when fluctuations and correlations are qualitatively important. (Theorist)

Institution: University of Colorado at Boulder
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Gil Refael

Phase transition in strongly disordered quantum systems. Topological phenomena in driven and disordered systems. (Theorist)

Institution: Caltech
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Amir Yacoby

The Yacoby group is interested in understanding the behavior of low-dimensional systems and their applications to quantum information technology. Current research topics include: Spin based quantum computing and metrology using semiconducting quantum dots, color centers in diamond and phosphorous spins in silicon; Topological quantum computing using HgCdTe quantum wells; and interacting electrons in graphene multilayers. (Experimentalist)

Institution: Harvard University
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