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Roberto Abril Valenzuela

I am a Ph.D. student in soft condensed matter theory, interested in the role of topology and geometry in soft condensed systems. I am currently working on problems regarding constrained thermalized membranes and the topological classification of biaxial nematic defect line networks.

Institution: University of California, Santa Barbara
Advisor: Mark Bowick
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Pratik Prashant Aghor

I am a theorist, currently a PhD candidate in applied mathematics. I work on transition to turbulence in shear flows. I routinely use tools from scientific computing, bifurcation theory and numerical continuation in my research. I also use ideas from asymptotics, group theory and nonlinear dynamics, for example, normal form theory. Previously I have worked on the compressible Taylor-Couette flow. An overarching theme of my research so far is pattern formation and nonlinear dynamics of rotating, stratified and/or sheared flows. In future, I would like to explore applications of these ideas in geophysical and astrophysical contexts.

Institution: University of New Hampshire
Advisor: John Gibson
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Samar Alqatari

I am an experimentalist who dabbles with simulations. I am studying fluid instabilities and pattern formation.

Institution: University of Chicago
Advisor: Sidney R. Nagel

Ryo Araki

I am a theorist. I am a Ph.D. student working on turbulence by theory and direct numerical simulations. I am interested in the quasi-cyclic temporal evolution of fully developed turbulence and its relation with the energy cascade mechanism. In particular, I have been working on the low-dimensional modeling of temporal cyclicity of turbulence. Recently, I am also working on the following topics:

  • The spatial locality of turbulence.
  • Scaling correction to the Kolmogorov 1941 via spatial inhomogeneity (not intermittency).
  • Information-theoretic characterization of energy cascade.

Institution: Ecole Centrale de Lyon
Advisor: Dr. Wouter J.T.Bos and Prof. Susumu Goto
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Madhuvanthi Guruprasad Athani

I am a theorist. We use Brownian Dynamics simulations to study the collective motions of flexible chains of particles that self-propel. Our model system is an in vitro gliding assay of microtubules and molecular motors. With these simulations, we probe the feedback between the microtubules’ active phase behavior and the motors’ dynamically reconfiguring activity field.

Institution: Johns Hopkins University
Advisor: Daniel Beller

Srivatsa Badariprasad

I am a condensed matter theorist, and a postdoc, focussing on ultracold quantum fluids such as Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs). I am currently researching the influence that dipole-dipole interactions have on the properties of quantum turbulence in ‘magnetic’ BECs; examples of these include those of chromium, dysprosium and erbium. I am also interested in the inducement and structure of vortex lattices in these systems.

Institution: University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Advisor: Dr. Andrew Baggaley and Dr. Nick Parker
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Subhadip Biswas

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher. I am a soft matter theorist and use analytical and numerical techniques to understand the collective behavior of soft and biological matter. My specific research interests include modeling phase separation and wetting behaviour of complex industrial formulations, structural and viscoelastic properties of cross-linked polymer gels, and liquid-liquid phase separation in elastic media. I am also interested in exploring the equilibrium and non-equilibrium properties of polymers in confinement, and shapes and shape fluctuations of lipid tubules.

Institution: The University of Sheffield
Advisor: Buddhapriya Chakrabarti

Christopher Browne

I am an experimentalist studying chaotic flow instabilities of polymer solutions in disordered 3D porous media. I am interested in elastic, active, and chaotic flows, hydrogel mechanics, and percolation.

Institution: Princeton University
Advisor: Sujit S. Datta
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Freya Bull

I am a theorist. My research investigates catheter-associated urinary tract infections through developing a population dynamics model for the system. More generally I am interested in how we can apply simple physics models to understand complex phenomena.

Institution: University of Edinburgh
Advisor: Rosalind Allen

Mingyun Cao

I am a theorist. I’m interested in theoretical plasma physics, with a focus on magnetic confinement fusion. I’m currently studying plasma turbulence in a stochastic magnetic field, which is critical to the trade-off between good confinement and good power handling in a tokamak.

Institution: University of California, San Diego
Advisor: Patrick Diamond

Pierre Chantelot

I am an experimentalist. I am interested in phenomena controlled by the presence of an interface, where surface and bulk effects compete. I currently work on multiple problems associated to the impact of a volatile drop on a superheated surface: the dynamic Leidenfrost effect.

Institution: University of Twente
Advisor: Detlef Lohse

Sihan Chen

I am a theorist. I work on dynamical properties of cytoskeletal network, including non-equilibrium force generation without motors, and viscoelasticity of transiently or permanently crosslinked networks.

Institution: Rice University
Advisor: Fred MacKintosh

Wenjun Chen

I am an experimentalist. I’m currently working on the motion of oil-in-water swimming droplets.

Institution: New York University
Advisor: Prof. Jasna Brujic

Alan Dorsey

I am a condensed matter theorist. I have spent the past 10 years in administration, now returning to research. My prior research focused on soft quantum matter (nematic, smectic, and crystalline phases of two dimensional electrons), hydrodynamics of supersolids, pattern formation in nonequilibrium systems, and transport and structure of vortex phases in superconductors.

Institution: University of Georgia

Pulkit Kumar Dubey

I am a theorist. I am pursuing research in the area of reduced order modeling of wall bounded turbulent flows.

Institution: University of New Hampshire
Advisor: Gregory Chini

Yves-Marie Ducimetière

In the current state of my thesis, we proposed a theoretical method to derive amplitude equations governing the weakly nonlinear evolution of complex and nonnormal systems, subject to harmonic forcing and/or transient growth, and possibly very far from a bifurcation. The state-space of such systems typically includes a very high number of degrees of freedom, and application cases of the method eminently include fluid flows. I currently work on the generalization of this method to stochastically forced systems. Namely, we aim at proposing analytically a weakly nonlinear continuation of the linear stochastic frequency/gain curve.

Institution: École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Advisor: Prof. François Gallaire

Kirsten Daniela Endresen

I am an experimentalist. I study the properties of cell monolayers with nematic order in regions where they form topological defects.

Institution: Johns Hopkins University
Advisor: Francesca Serra

Jack Farrell

I am a theorist. I study hydrodynamics in quantum systems and its effects. In particular, right now I’m interested in hydrodynamic theories that describe fluids with exotic symmetry groups.

Institution: University of Colorado at Boulder
Advisor: Andrew Lucas
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Hao Fu

I am a theorist. I am a PhD candidate, currently working on atmospheric convection which is a fascinating multiscale fluid system: a tropical cyclone contains multiple clouds, and a cloud contains multiple thermals. I am particularly interested in applying the thinking of statistical physics to study the collective behavior of clouds and vortices.

Institution: Stanford University
Advisor: Morgan O'Neill
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Sankalp Gaur

I am a theorist interested in non-equilibrium many-body physics. My current research focuses on the characterization of dynamical quantum phase transitions in out-of-equilibrium systems.

Institution: University of Colorado, Boulder
Advisor: Victor Gurarie

Julia Ann Giannini

I am a theorist. Our research focuses broadly on using structural information from disordered and active solids to make predictions about material dynamics under deformation or driving.

Institution: Syracuse University
Advisor: M. Lisa Manning
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Sébastien Gomé

I am a theorist. My research is about the transition to turbulence in shear flows, and the application of strategies from statistical mechanics to the strongly anisotropic and localized turbulence that emerges in those flows.

Institution: ESPCI Paris
Advisor: Laurette Tuckerman
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Kyung Ha

I work on two mathematical modeling of microfluidic devices projects . One project concerns the surface tension effects of devices that capture microliter droplets while the other concerns inertial effects of particles flowing through a tube.

Institution: UCLA
Advisor: Andrea Bertozzi
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Louise Head

I am a theoretical / computational Ph.D. student in soft matter physics. My research focuses on colloidal suspensions in passive and active nematics and developing mesoscopic algorithms to simulate liquid crystalline phases.

Institution: University of Edinburgh
Advisor: Tyler Shendruk

Arthur Hernandez

I’m a Ph.D. student working in theoretical active and soft matter physics. I’ve worked on the elasticity and hydrodynamics of cellular tissues. Recently I’ve started working on turbulence of active and elastic fluids.

Institution: University of California, Santa Barbara
Advisor: Cristina Marchetti

Lucas Hildebrand Pires da Cunha

I am a theorist. My research interest relies on the rheological behavior of suspended particles, with a focus on magnetic colloids and ferrofluid droplets.

Institution: Rice University
Advisor: Sibani Lisa Biswal & Fred MacKintosh
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Tzu-Chi Hsieh
I am a theorist interested in many-body physics in cold atoms, quantum materials, and quantum circuits.

Institution: University of Colorado, Boulder
Advisor: Leo Radzihovsky

Aaron Hui

I am a theorist. I work on strongly correlated and topological systems, including electron hydrodynamics. I am interested in applications and extensions of hydrodynamic ideas in the electron context, most recently that of thermal noise signatures.

Institution: Ohio State University
Advisor: Brian Skinner
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Narges (Gess) Kelly

I am a theorist. I use mathematical modeling and stochastic simulations to study flow networks and clogging in microfluidic systems and porous media. More generally, I get excited about modeling systems in problems inspired by biology that involve graph theory and networks or differential equations.

Institution: Brandeis University
Advisor: Thomas Fai
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Tali Khain

I am a theorist. I am a Ph.D. student interested in the hydrodynamics and statistical mechanics of active fluids. My current research focuses on the effect of odd viscosity on fluid flow.

Institution: University of Chicago
Advisor: Vincenzo Vitelli
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Egor Kiselev

I am a theorist. work on electrons in the hydrodynamic regime when the dynamics of the system is governed by intact or weakly broken conservation laws. This includes non-local transport properties and (phase space dynamics. Recently, I extended my interests towards biology applying concepts from the theory of diffusive processes and self organized criticality to growth processes in neuronal tissue.

Institution: Technion
Advisor: Netanel Lindner

Sarah Kostinski

I am a theorist interested in biological and soft matter physics.

Institution: University of California, Santa Barbara
Advisor: Boris Shraiman

Jeremiah Steven Lane

I am a theorist. My research focuses on the mathematical characterization of convective flow that induces thermal blooming in high energy lasers. As an applied mathematician, I am specifically interested in the existence, computation, analyticity, and approximation of solutions to the steady-state Naiver-Stokes equations coupled with laser forcing terms.

Institution: Air Force Institute of Technology
Advisor: Benjamin F. Akers

Christopher Li

I am a theorist. I am interested in brain networks, causal entropic force and topology in fluids. Topology plays an important role in many classical systems. I am currently working on the role of topology in evolution.

Institution: Brown University & Rice University
Advisor: Brad Marston and Evelyn Tang

Wei-Ting Lin

I am a theorist. I am interested in various non-equilibrium phenomena, including both classical and quantum systems. I studied classical fluid dynamics and nonlinear dynamics for my master’s degree. My PhD work focused on Cooper pair fluctuations in Fermi liquids, for which we developed a transport theory using the Keldysh formalism. I am currently working on two-level systems in superconductors, to understand the dissipation in superconducting devices.

Institution: Northwestern University
Advisor: James Sauls
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Chloe Lindeman

I am an experimentalist. I am interested in understanding how complex systems produce extraordinary collective responses under ordinary circumstances. For example, a spilled drop of tea will organize its particulates to dry in a distinctive ring formation at the edge of the drop. Likewise, jammed packings of soft spheres subjected to cyclic shear organize themselves into repeating series of particle rearrangements. My work combines experiments with simple simulations.

Institution: University of Chicago
Advisor: Sidney Nagel

Chang Liu

I am a theorist. I am interested in applying tools from bifurcation theory, asymptotic analysis, control theory to address the hydrodynamics problem aiming in geophysics, astrophysics, and engineering applications.

Institution: University of California, Berkeley
Advisor: Edgar Knobloch

Pawel Matus

I am a theorist. I study transport in topological semimetals using kinetic theory, hydrodynamics, and field-theoretical techniques.

Institution: Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems
Advisor: Roderich Moessner

Siddhartha Mukherjee

I am a theorist. I’m currently studying the Lagrangian and chaotic aspects of active matter and turbulence, contrasting these novel flows to inertial turbulence. I am also interested in the dynamics of Helicity in inertial turbulence, and in some problems from geophysical fluid dynamics like cloud microphysics and predictability. I’m also a Generative Artist and Photographer.

Institution: Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
Advisor: Prof. Samriddhi Sankar Ray and Prof. Rama Govindarajan
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Anton Peshkov

I am an experimentalist interested in theory and experiments of active and granular matter, including biological organisms.

Institution: University of Rochester / CSU Fullerton
Advisor: Stephen Teitel

Olivia Pomerenk

I am a theorist. I study fluid-structure interactions using a combination of theory, simulation, and some experiments. I’ve been interested in modeling hydraulics for finite-length pipes in non-classical regimes, and more recently have begun to explore bio-inspired aerodynamical systems.

Institution: Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
Advisor: Leif Ristroph

Calvin Pozderac

I am a theorist. I am interested in an array of statistical mechanics topics including: charge and heat flow in disordered potential landscapes, electron hydrodynamics, the thermalization transition in fracton systems, and pandemic dynamics.

Institution: Ohio State University
Advisor: Brian Skinner
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Shravan Pradeep

I am an experimentalist interested in probing soft matter systems using rheology and microscopy tools. My current research interests include yield transition, wet granular flows, bacterial suspensions, and soft tribology.

Institution: University of Pennsylvania
Advisor: Douglas Jerolmack
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Bauyrzhan Primkulov

I am a theorist. The joy of trying to understand the physical world around me through minimalistic mathematical models is why I am in science. I have been mostly working on interfacial fluid dynamics problems in porous materials.

Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Advisor: Ruben Juanes
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Mehrana Raeisian Nejad

I am a theorist. I am working on active nematics which are promising avenues for understanding biological systems, such as living cells. I am interested in building minimal models and using both analytical and numerical approaches to understand emergent properties of living materials.

Institution: University of Oxford
Advisor: Julia Yeomans

Shikhar Rai

I am a theorist. I study the energy pathway and energetics of ocean using coarse graining technique.

Institution: University of Rochester
Advisor: Hussein Aluie

Matt Reeves

I am a theorist. My research interests include turbulence, surface waves, and other nonlinear phenomena; his research primarily focusses on superfluids such as atomic gases and He-II.

Institution: University of Queensland
Advisor: Prof. Matthew Davis

Brendan Rhyno

I am a theorist and PhD candidate in condensed matter and AMO physics. My research investigates the thermodynamics of quantum fluids in novel geometries which has relevance to physics on both microscopic and astronomic length scales, and directly connects to experiments taking place aboard the International Space Station. Recently, I have started working on the prospect of using cold atom systems to probe models of cosmology.

Institution: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Advisor: Smitha Vishveshwara

Aliénor Rivière

I am a theorist. Through direct numerical simulations, I am investigating the coupling between an air bubble interface with its surrounding water flow. The aim is to understand the breaking mechanisms at stake in turbulent flows and it will come with the comprehension of the interface dynamics is simpler flows, like stagnation point flows.

Institution: PMMH, ESPCI
Advisor: L. Duchemin and C. Josserand

Jonas Rønning

I am theorist working on the dynamics of topological defects in two dimensional Bose-Einstein condensates and active matter. I am studying how the defects are influencing the flow and what determines their motion.

Institution: University of Oslo
Advisor: Luiza Angheluta

Linsy Jane Selvin Robert

I am a Ph.D. student in experimental soft matter physics. In my work, we focus on 3D printing Janus colloids of different geometries using two-photon polymerization and studying its collective behavior and phase studies in active & passive states in complex fluids.

Institution: Jožef Stefan Institute
Advisor: Igor Muševič and Miha Ravnik

Pramodh Viduranga Senarath Yapa

I am a PhD Student in Condensed Matter theory, with a focus on superfluidity and superconductivity in confined systems where new phases and properties arise due to boundary effects. The phases of superfluid Helium-3 in the near-2D and 1D regimes are of particular interest to me.

Institution: University of Alberta
Advisor: Prof. Joseph Maciejko and Prof. Frank Marsiglio
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Adhithiya Sivakumar

I am a theorist. I am a PhD student in Mechanical Engineering. My current work focuses on developing and exploring reduced models of geophysical flow phenomena such as strongly stratified turbulence and Langmuir turbulence. More broadly, I am interested in fluid dynamical pattern formation and dynamical systems approaches to turbulence.

Institution: University of New Hampshire
Advisor: Gregory P. Chini

Daniel William Swartz

I am a theorist. I am interested in biophysics with current focus on population dynamics, genetics, and evolution.

Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Advisor: Mehran Kardar

Stephen Joseph Thornton

I am a condensed matter theorist working on phase transitions in disordered systems.

Institution: Cornell University
Advisor: James Sethna

Adrian van Kan

I am a theorist. : I work on DNS of different problems involving instability-driven turbulence, including rotating convection and active turbulence.

Institution: University of California, Berkeley
Advisor: Edgar Knobloch

Philipp Patrick Vieweg

I am a Ph.D. student in numerical fluid mechanics and thus a theorist. My main research interests comprise the numerical analysis of different velocity and temperature boundary conditions on turbulent superstructures in Rayleigh-Bénard convection with a particular focus on large aspect ratios relevant to geo- and astrophysical settings, as well as disentangling heat transport contributions using Lagrangian methods.

Institution: Technische Universität Ilmenau
Advisor: Jörg Schumacher
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Ke Wang

I am a theorist interested in conformal field theory and quantum many-body physics.

Institution: University of Massachusetts Amherst
Advisor: Tigran Sedrakyan

Xueying Wang

I am a theorist. I am interested in applying the tool of non-equilibrium statistical mechanics to study complex out-of-equilibrium systems like transitional turbulence, ecology, and neuroscience.

Institution: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Advisor: Nigel Goldenfeld
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Jiarong Wu

I am a theorist. I am currently studying the interaction between the ocean surface waves and the marine atmospheric boundary layer (wind), through a combination of theoretical and numerical approaches.

Institution: Princeton University
Advisor: Luc Deike

Weixuan (Rosa) Xu

I am a theorist. I am a climate modeler working on tropical Pacific air-sea interactions and waves.

Institution: Brown University
Advisor: Jung-Eun Lee & Baylor Fox-Kemper

Houssam Yassin

I am a theorist. I study the geostrophic turbulence induced by boundary buoyancy anomalies and how the ocean’s vertical structure modifies the surface expression of upper ocean turbulence.

Institution: Princeton University
Advisor: Stephen Griffies

Ziyan Zhu

I am a theorist. I work on developing efficient and accurate theoretical models for physical systems across scales, from quantum mechanical scales to macroscopic scales, as well as exploring the connection between condensed matter physics and climate science. I have developed multi-scale models for the electronic and mechanical properties of two-dimensional layered heterostructures and studied the topological properties of non-Hermitian ocean waves.

Institution: Harvard University
Advisor: Efthimios Kaxiras


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Brad Marston

I am a theorist. I am interested in theoretical and computational physics to better understand quantum matter, planetary atmospheres and oceans, and fluids and plasmas.

Institution: Brown University
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Leo Radzihovsky

Radzihovsky’s theoretical research interests span a broad spectrum of classical and quantum condensed matter. These range from entropy-dominated liquid crystals, colloids, membranes, rubber and other “soft” matter to quantum matter, such as superconductors, magnets, degenerate atomic gases, quantum Hall and other topological states of matter. He aims to understand the nature of phases and phase transitions exhibited by these systems, with the unifying theme of collective universal behavior that emerges at long scales and low energies, driven by a combination of strong interactions, fluctuations, and/or local heterogeneity.

Institution: University of Colorado, Boulder
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Peter Weichman

I am a theorist interested in geophysical fluid dynamics; Fluid turbulence; Numerous applications of electromagnetic and acoustic remote sensing; Electromagnetic propagation in the Earth-ionosphere channel; Low temperature physics; Condensed matter physics; Classical and quantum phase transitions; Quantum-based sensor physics; Quantum computing algorithms in relation to machine learning.

Institution: BAE Systems, FAST Labs

Jeffrey B. Weiss

I am a theorist. I am interested in Geophysical turbulence, pattern formation, and transport and applications to meteorology, oceanography, and climate.


Institution: University of Colorado, Boulder
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Julia M. Yeomans

I am a theorist intersted in statistical physcs, active matter, and mechanobiology.

Institution: University of Oxford
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Royce K. P. Zia

I am a theorist. Unlike the groundbreaking work of Boltzmann and Gibbs, there is no well-established overarching framework for non-equilibrium statistical mechanics (NESM), not even for stationary states. Yet, almost all of nature - in particular, all forms of life on our planet - evolves in the context of NESM. At present, successful attempts to understand the behavior of NESM systems relies on the specifics of each system. My research focuses on simple model systems which are typically motivated by complex natural phenomena (in biological, social, economic, and climate sciences). From these studies, I hope to extract some essential properties that can provide insights into fundamental issues in NESM, with the distant goal of formulating a universal framework for NESM.

Institution: Virginia Tech
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Hussein Aluie

I am a theorist. Our group’s research falls under the broad umbrellas of fluid dynamics and nonlinear science, with a current interest in problems from oceanography, astrophysics, high-speed flows, and inertial confinement fusion as an alternative energy source. The techniques and approaches we use in my group range from careful high-performance computing to analyzing data from satellites and experiments, and from semi-empirical physical reasoning to abstract mathematical analysis and proving rigorous theorems.


Institution: University of Rochester
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Freddy Bouchet

Freddy Bouchet leads the Climate and Statistical Mechanics group at ENS de Lyon. He aims at

  1. Studying climate dynamics phenomena, specifically related to turbulence, climate extremes, and large scale dynamics of atmospheres and oceans.
  2. Developing algorithms aimed at computing rare events in complex dynamical systems, like climate dynamics or turbulent flows, based on large deviation theory and statistical mechanics.
  3. Studying fundamental questions in statistical mechanics and dynamical systems theory, often using large deviation theory, bridging from mathematical physics to modeling and applications

He is a theorist.

Institution: CNRS and ENS de Lyon
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Gregory Falkovich

I am a theorist interested in fluid mechanics, statistical physics, and condensed matter.

Institution: Weizmann Institute of Science
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Suzanne M. Fielding

I am a theorist interested in theoretical and computational statistical mechanics and rheology (deformation and flow properties) of soft materials and complex fluids such as colloids, emulsions, foams, microgels, surfactants, liquid crystals, and polymers, and their biological counterparts such as bioactive fluids and biological tissues.

Institution: Durham University
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Baylor Fox-Kemper

I am a theorist. We study the physics of the ocean and how the ocean fits into the Earth’s climate system, using models that range from the global scale to focused process models that apply universally. We seek mathematically interesting problems with practical uses.

The products we produce are parameterizations, diagnostics, and toy models. That is, after study of complex processes in dedicated and computationally expensive models, we work out simple but accurate approximations and crucial measurements to diagnose. Sometimes the goal is to improve the community models, and sometimes the goal is to aid understanding with a toy model that mimics the complex system.

Institution: Brown University
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Nigel Goldenfeld

I am a theorist interested in condensed matter theory, turbulence, and physics of living systems.

Institution: University of California, San Diego
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Keith Julien

Dr. Julien’s primary areas of research are in the dynamics and instability processes in geophysical and astrophysical fluid dynamics. These include turbulent fluid convection and the effects of stratification, rotation and magnetic fields which are all ubiquitous features of geophysical and astrophysical fluid objects. Particular emphasis has been placed on the development of reduced pde models from the fundamental fluid equations. Further focus has been placed on the characteristics of coherent structures and their transport and organization of large-scale flows. Integral parts of Julien’s research include high perfomrance computer simulations, dynamical systems theory, asymptotics and perturbation techniques in applied mathematics. He is a theorist.

Institution: University of Colorado, Boulder
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Andrew Lucas

I am a theorist. My group’s work spans multiple disciplines of theoretical and mathematical physics, including condensed matter, hydrodynamics, statistical physics, high energy physics, atomic physics and quantum information.

Institution: University of Colorado Boulder
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Sidney Nagel

I am an experimentalist. We study various aspects of singularities in free-surface flows and pattern formation.

Institution: The University of Chicago
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Jeffrey S. Oishi

I am a theorist. I work on theoretical aspects of fluid mechanics, particularly problems involving turbulence, rotation, stratification, shear, and other features with geophysical (and occasional astrophysical) applications. Most of my work uses tools from statistical mechanics and non-equilibrium physics to interpret numerical simulations.

Institution: Bates College
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Thomas Powers

I am a theorist. I am interested in Soft matter, biological physics, fluid mechanics and solid mechanics.

Institution: Brown University
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James Sauls

I am a theoretical physicist with research interests spanning condensed matter physics, quantum field theory, astrophysics to quantum information. I am particularly interested in the conceptual frameworks common to condensed matter physics, particle physics, field theory and cosmology - spontaneous symmetry breaking, phase transitions and emergent topology - from the ultra-temperature phases of quantum liquids and gases to phase transitions in the early universe.

Institution: Northwestern University
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Tiffany Shaw

I am a theorist. My research focuses on the physics of the atmosphere and climate system past, present and future. I seek to understand the physical mechanisms controlling the response to climate change in order to have greater confidence in future projections. My approach combines theory, numerical modeling across a hierarchy of complexity and observational data analysis.

Institution: The University of Chicago
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Dam Thanh Son

I am a theorist. I work in many different areas of theoretical physics: fractional quantum Hall effect, ultra cold atomic gases, gauge/gravity duality, nuclear physics etc.

Institution: University of Chicago
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K.R. Sreenivasan

Primary expertise: Fluid mechanics and turbulence. Other interests: complex fluids, nonlinear and nonequilibrium phenomena and cryogenic helium. Emerging interests: mathematical modeling of global change and biomechanical phenomena.

Institution: New York University
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Steve Tobias

I am a theorist. I conduct research into the interaction of fluid turbulence with rotation, stratification and magnetic fields in astrophysics and geophysics; in particular, the generation of magnetic fields via dynamo action and the interaction of mean flows with turbulence. Of great interest currently is the description of these phenomena via methods and theories from non-equilibrium statistical mechanics. I am also interested in constraining theories using data-driven methods.

Institution: University of Leeds
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Yuhai Tu

Yuhai Tu is a theorist. Yuhai Tu has broad research interests, which
include pattern formation and nonlinear dynamics in
nonequilibrium systems, surface physics, bioinformatics,
biological physics, and recently physics of machine learning. He
has made seminal contributions in many areas including the
Toner-Tu equation in flocking theory, the growth dynamics of the
Si-aSiO2 interface, pattern discovery algorithm for RNA
microarray analysis, quantitative models of bacterial
chemosensory system and motility, and the energy-speed-accuracy
tradeoff in sensory adaptation, biochemical oscillation and

Institution: IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
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Antoine Venaille

I am a theorist. My work is motivated by geophysical flows. With colleagues, I apply nonlinear physics, statistical mechanics ideas, and tools from topology to planetary scale dynamics. I am particularly interested in the interactions between waves, turbulence and atmospheric winds or oceanic currents.


Institution: CNRS - ENS de Lyon
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Ellen Zweibel

I am a theorist. I work on plasma physics and fluid dynamics problems with application to stars, galaxies, and the intergalactic medium.

Institution: University of Wisconsin Madison
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