Boulder School 2020: Ultracold Matter

July 6-31, 2020

Scientific Coordinators

Kaden Hazzard (Rice)
Leo Radzihovsky (CU Boulder)
Ana Maria Rey (JILA/Boulder/NIST)
Ian Spielman (Maryland/NIST)

Director: Leo Radzihovsky (CU Boulder)

Ultracold experiments have produced new phases of matter, quantum states at the frontiers of size and complexity, and dynamics with intriguing properties. Bose-Einstein condensates, Mott insulators, strongly correlated superconductors, mesoscopic transport, antiferromagnetism, supersolids, many-body localization, and topological edge states are all routinely explored in current experiments. The insights these phenomena give into many-body physics have united atomic, molecular, and optical physicists and condensed matter physicists, as well as computational and quantum information theorists. The 2020 Boulder Summer School will cover (1) Bose and Fermi gases, controlling interactions with Feshbach resonances, and the BEC/BCS crossover; (2) Lattices: low-dimensional systems, and realizing the Bose- and Fermi-Hubbard models and beyond; (3) “Synthetic” physics: synthetic dimensions, gauge fields, and spin-orbit coupling; (4) Long-ranged interactions in dipolar atoms, molecules, and Rydberg atoms to create new quantum fluids and quantum magnetism; and (5) Nonequilibrium dynamics, such as post-quench dynamics, entanglement growth, thermalization, its absence as in localization and its many-body counterpart (MBL). These topics encompass the forefront of research in this field.

Electronic application for the 2020 school is closed. 

Deadline: January 15, 2020. All students are strongly urged to plan on staying for the duration of the School. Partial attendance is strongly discouraged. Small exceptions can be made is special cases but must be cleared with the organizers right away; a simple email request, explaining the situation is sufficient. Attendance for less than 3 weeks is not permitted as the spot can be more efficiently utilized by another student attending the entire school (contact organizers). There will be no travel support for shorter attendance.

Lecturers and seminar speakers

To be announced