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Aboutaleb Amiri

I’m interested in studying the swarming behavior of self-propelled rod shaped bacteria. We use a combination of physical modeling and experimental observations in order to understand the mechanisms that lead to the collective behavior exhibited by several bacteria (Theorist).

Institution: University of Notre Dame
Advisor: Mark Alber

Andrew Balin

Using techniques from fluid dynamics and statistical mechanics, I study some theoretical aspects associated with the swimming of microorganisms in complex media. (Theorist)

Institution: Rudolf Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics, University of Oxford
Advisor: Prof. Julia Yeomans
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Deshpreet Bedi

I’m a theorist. I am interested in self-assembly and the role of topology in soft matter, as well as the interface between soft and hard condensed matter physics.

Institution: University of Michigan
Advisor: Xiaoming Mao

Arman Boromand

Using mesoscopic computational techniques, I am interested in dynamics of complex fluids under equilibrium and far from equilibrium. The systems I am currently involved with are colloidal suspension and gels and stabilized emulsions. (Theorist)

Institution: Case Western Reserve University
Advisor: Joao Maia

Coline Bretz

I am working on the synthesis and self-assembly of soft colloids for potential applications in photonics. (Experimentalist)

Institution: University Paris 6 - University of Pennsylvania - Solvay
Advisor: Jean Baudry

Kui Chen

I am interested in the behavior of colloids in liquid crystals, and the nonlinear rheology and microscopic plasticity of soft glassy materials.(experimentalist)

Institution: Johns Hopkins University
Advisor: Robert L. Leheny

Joel Clemmer

Computation and non-equilibrium processes, in particular critical phenomena and avalanches in disordered solids. (Theorist)

Institution: Johns Hopkins University
Advisor: Mark O. Robbins

Matteo Contino

My work is mainly focused on motile microorganisms and active matter in general. I study how active matter reacts to environmental stimuli such as spatial constraints or mechanisms like chemo/phototaxis. I’m also interested in collective behavior and pattern formation.  (Experimentalist)

Institution: University of Warwick
Advisor: Marco Polin

Natasha Cowley

I am interested in the effects of underlying curvature on the collective motion of active systems. (Theorist)

Institution: University of Dundee
Advisor: Dr. Rastko Sknepnek

Agnese I. Curatolo

I am interested in many-body problems in active matter systems, such as phase separation, which I study through analytics and simulations. (Theorist)

Institution: Université Paris-Diderot
Advisor: Julien Tailleur

Tine Curk

I’m broadly interested in Statistical mechanics theory, molecular simulations and their application to soft matter problems. (Theorist)

Institution: University of Cambridge, Department of Chemistry
Advisor: Daan Frenkel

Michael David Czajkowski

I am a theorist working in soft biological matter. My recent work concerns the dynamics of active confluent tissues. On the simulation side, we model wound-healing scenarios to identify migration of a collective front. We are also developing a hydrodynamic theory to make connections with the active states of bulk tissues.

Institution: Syracuse University
Advisor: Lisa Manning & M. Cristina Marchetti

Giulio De Magistris

I’m investigating with theoretical and computational methods the dynamics of active matter; currently studying models for active nematic/polar suspensions. (Theorist)

Institution: The University of Edinburgh
Advisor: Dr D. Marenduzzo, Prof. M. Cates

Eleni K. Degaga

I am an experimentalist in the area of biophysics, neuronal growth cone dynamics and guidance.

Institution: Georgetown University & National Institute of Health
Advisor: Jeffrey Urbach & Herbert Geller

Ian D. Estabrook

I am interested in the role of the nucleus in cell migration, as well as active models of cell motility. (Theorist)

Institution: University of Sheffield
Advisor: Dr. Rhoda Hawkins

Varda Faghir Hagh

I am a theorist and my research interests include the study of percolation theory with a special emphasis on the rigidity percolation in amorphous and jammed networks.

Institution: Arizona State University
Advisor: Michael F. Thorpe

Emily Gehrels

Emily studies the thermodynamics of DNA interactions for use in mediating colloidal interactions. She is interested in designing DNA sequences to allow for precise control of the binding strength and temperature dependence of these interactions in order to design dynamic systems of colloidal particles. (Experimentalist)

Institution: Harvard SEAS
Advisor: Vinothan Manoharan

Omer Gottesman

I am interested in the dynamics and aging of disordered systems. Specifically, I study the dynamics and evolution of creases patterns in crumpled thin sheets. (Experimentalist).

Institution: Harvard University
Advisor: Shmuel Rubinstein

Ming Han

I am a theorist. I study non-equilibrium collective behavior in soft matters, including active motions, dynamic self-assembly, and flow-driven systems.

Institution: Northwestern University
Advisor: Erik Luijten

Joseph Harder

I am interested in simulating how self propelled particles can be used to enhance and alter the self assembly of passive particles. (Theorist)

Institution: Columbia University
Advisor: Angelo Cacciuto

Kabir B. Husain

I am a theorist working on (a) active polar fluids with an eye towards the patterning of cell surface proteins by the cytoskeleton cortex, and (b) the ways in which the cell exploits spatial (and temporal) organisation at the cell surface to function in a fluctuating and noisy environment.

Institution: National Centre for Biological Sciences
Advisor: Madan Rao

Uroš Jagodič

I am an experimentalist in the field of soft matter physics. I am especially interested in the topological defect formation in various liquid crystal systems.

Institution: Institut Jozef Stefan
Advisor: Prof. Dr. Igor Muševič

Mathijs A. Janssen

Modeling the electrical double layer near the surface of (nanoporous) capacitors, aiming at the optimization of novel variable capacitance engines, as well as water desalination processes. (Theorist)

Institution: Utrecht University (The Netherlands), Institute for Theoretical Physics, Center for Extreme Matter and Emergent Phenomena
Advisor: Prof. dr. René van Roij

Leroy Jia

My research interests include the geometry, mechanics, and phase transitions of colloidal membranes. (Theorist)

Institution: Brown University
Advisor: Thomas Powers

Tal Kachman

I am interested in nonequilibrium statistical mechanics, quantum thermodynamics and quantum nonlinear dynamics (theorist)

Institution: MIT and Technion Institute of Technology
Advisor: Professor Jeremy England and Professor Shmuel Fishman

Hridesh Kedia

(Theory) Knots in light and fluids

Institution: University of Chicago
Advisor: William T.M. Irvine

Katherine E. Klymko

I am interested in self-assembly in far-from-equilibrium systems. I am a theorist.

Institution: University of California, Berkeley
Advisor: Phillip Geissler and Stephen Whitelam

Johannes Knebel

I am interested in transport and condensation phenomena that occur in nonequilibrium jump processes and that find applications in mass transport models, boson systems, and evolutionary game theory. (Theorist)

Institution: Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Advisor: Prof. Dr. Erwin Frey
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Jie Lin

I am interested in the yielding transition of amorphous solids including foam, emulsion, and granular material. I use the concept of non-equilibrium phase transitions, for example, the depinning transition, and scaling arguments, to understand the flow behavior of soft matter. I am a theorist.

Institution: Center for soft matter research, New York University
Advisor: Matthieu Wyart

Sofia Magkiriadou

I am interested in colloidal and mechanical systems whose behavior is largely dictated by their topology. (Experimentalist)

Institution: University of Chicago
Advisor: William Irvine

Stewart Mallory

My research focuses on the collective behavior and dynamics of active matter. (Theorist)

Institution: Columbia University
Advisor: Angelo Cacciuto

David Mayett

My research involves the study of elastic instabilities in biological systems. This study began with the development of a minimal model used to describe how the brain develops its distinctive folds and it is continuing with the development of a framework of growth that is applicable to many systems. I am also currently working on a phenomenological model for cancer-cell migration. (Theorist)

Institution: Syracuse University
Advisor: Jennifer Schwarz

Simon Merminod

I am mostly interested in out-of-equilibrium statistical physics, and more specifically in order-disorder transitions and slow dynamics. (Experimentalist)

Institution: University Paris Diderot
Advisor: Michael Berhanu and Eric Falcon
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Lisa Nash

I am interested in mechanical topological materials. (Experimentalist)

Institution: University of Chicago
Advisor: William Irvine

Thomas O'Connor

Using molecular simulations to develop theories of atomic scale dynamics within deforming materials, and applying such theories to better understand macroscopic mechanical properties. (Theorist)

Institution: Johns Hopkins University
Advisor: Mark O. Robbins

Naomi Oppenheimer

My interests in physics are soft matter physics mostly involving fluid dynamics and elasticity, but also critical phenomena, differential geometry, collective motion and pretty much everything as long as it is related to physics you can see with your eyes. (Theoretical)

Institution: Princeton University
Advisor: Howard Stone

Giuseppe Passucci

Non-equilibrium collective motion, specifically cells at low density and in confluent tissues. (Theorist)

Institution: Syracuse University
Advisor: Dr. Lisa Manning

Matthew Pinson

I study systems that possess only a small number of allowed modes of motion because the degrees of freedom only just outnumber the constraints, such as granular materials. (Theorist)

Institution: University of Chicago
Advisor: Tom Witten

Ishan Prasad

My research interests lie in network formation in soft materials. I do theoretical and computational modeling of various soft matter systems such as: self assembled ordered phases of chiral block copolymers; jammed particle packings and other soft programmable materials. I am a theorist.

Institution: University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Advisor: Gregory Grason, Christian Santangelo

S.Ganga Prasath

I am interested in systems where elasticity and hydrodynamics play equal role. In general, i am curious of various instabilities that occur at different scales due to non-linearity, be it a continuous or discrete system. (Experimentalist)

Institution: Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Hyderabad, India
Advisor: Prof. Rama Govindarajan and Prof. Narayanan Menon

Elias Putzig

I am a theorist, and I am working on a continuum theory for an overdamped active nematic liquid crystal.  I am particularly interested in understanding the dynamics of defects which spontaneously form, are self-propelled, and can develop orientational ordering despite the fact individual defects are motile and transient.

Institution: Brandeis University
Advisor: Aparna Baskaran

Archishman Raju

I am interested in non-equilibrium statistical mechanics and in connections between geometry, statistical mechanics and models in science. (Theorist)

Institution: Cornell University
Advisor: James Sethna

Sepideh Razavi

I am interested in the behavior of colloidal particles, especially anisotropic Janus particles, at fluid interfaces. (Experimentalist)

Institution: The City College of New York
Advisor: Ilona Kretzschmar

Nitzan Razin

I study the theory of active particles and use it to model biological systems. (Theorist)

Institution: Weizmann Institute of Science
Advisor: Nir Gov

Jason Rocks

I am interested in the diverse role mechanics plays in biology ranging from allostery in proteins to the beating of the heart. (Theorist)

Institution: University of Pennsylvania
Advisor: Andrea Liu

Mahdi Sadjadi

I am interested in disordered systems, in particular structural properties of network-forming materials (theorist).

Institution: Arizona State University
Advisor: Michael F. Thorpe

Raphael Sarfati

I am interested in soft matter, biophysics, and complex systems. (Experimentalist)

Institution: Yale University
Advisor: Eric Dufresne

Sumantra Sarkar

Research Interest: Shear Jamming, Discontinuous Shear Thickening, Applied Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics. (Theorist)

Institution: Brandeis University
Advisor: Prof. Bulbul Chakraborty

Pablo Sartori

My research area is biological physics. There I focus on two class of problems: ciliary beat as a collective behavior of molecular motors, and thermodynamics of biological information processing. (Theorist)

Institution: MPI PKS
Advisor: Frank Julicher
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Robert Schulz

Based on molecular-dynamics simulations, I am interested in bridging microscopic and macroscopic descriptions of various soft-matter systems (e.g. pure water, membranes etc.). I use hydrodynamic and stochastic approaches to study these kind of systems. (Theorist)

Institution: Freie Universität Berlin
Advisor: Prof. Dr. Roland Netz

Toby Searle

I am interested in viscoelastic fluid mechanics, the transition to turbulence, and biological fluids. (Theorist)

Institution: University of Edinburgh
Advisor: Alexander N Morozov

Nimrod Segall

Jamming in kinetically constrained models, critical behavior in amorphous phases and granular materials (theorist).

Institution: Tel Aviv University
Advisor: Dr. Yair Shokef

Suraj Shankar

I am a theorist and I enjoy studying field theories for equilibrium and non-equilibrium statistical mechanical systems.

Institution: Syracuse University
Advisor: Dr. Mark Bowick and Dr. Cristina Marchetti

Yu Shi

I am a experimentalist, and my research interest is trying to understand mechanical properties of cytoskeleton inside cell using active matter physics.

Institution: Johns Hopkins University
Advisor: Prof. Daniel H. Reich

Melinda Sindoro

I study the assembly of anisotropic colloids and, currently, I’m intrigued by ionic liquid systems. (Experimentalist)

Institution: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Advisor: Professor Steve Granick and Professor Kenneth Suslick

Karandeep Singh

I’m a theoretical physicist working on mesoscopic membrane models.

Institution: Institute of Complex Systems/ Institute for Advanced Simulations (ICS-2/IAS-2) at Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany
Advisor: Prof. Dr. Gerhard Gompper

Lisa Tran

I am interested in defect structures in nematic and smectic liquid crystals, active nematics, and in bacterial biofilms. (Experimentalist)

Institution: University of Pennsylvania
Advisor: Dr. Randall D. Kamien and Dr. Kathleen J. Stebe

Kazage J Christophe Utuje

I am interested in cell mechanics. I am currently working on building a continuum model for both spreading and confined cell monolayers coupling elastic deformations and cell polarization to myosin based-cell activity. (Theorist)

Institution: Syracuse University
Advisor: M. Cristina Marchetti

Benjamin Chai "Benny" van Zuiden

How can we hack in to the world around us to make it do new things?. (Theorist)

Institution: Lorentz Instituut at Leiden University
Advisor: Dr. Vincenzo Vitelli

Lee Walsh

I study the collective behavior of active granular matter, including the effects of dynamic self-propulsion and particle symmetry. (Experimentalist)

Institution: University of Massachusetts
Advisor: Narayanan Menon
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Duanduan Wan

I’m interested in funny phenomenon in condensed matter. (Theorest)

Institution: Syracuse University
Advisor: Prof. Mark Bowick

Henry Wilkin

I am investigating how stochastic partial differential equations can be used to define reflection positive measures on fields, in addition to using computational methods to study self-assembly of RNA structures. I am generally interested in applications of stochastic PDE’s in physics, especially in nonequilibrium collective behavior. (Theorist)

Institution: Harvard University
Advisor: Michael Brenner

Vikrant Yadav

I am interested in three dimensional (3-D) dynamics, mechanics and pattern formation in assemblies of rod like particles (Granular, Biological or Active). I am also interested in financial trading using models based on physics. (Experimentalist)

Institution: Clark University
Advisor: Arshad Kudrolli
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Le Yan

I’m interested in non-equilibrium in general, specifically on glass transition, rigidity transition, and other non-equilibrium phase transitions. (Theorist)

Institution: New York University
Advisor: Matthieu Wyart

Jie Zhang

I’m studying the collective behavior of active colloids and I keep my mind open to many interesting problems in soft matter physics. I’m an experimentalist.

Institution: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Advisor: Steve Granick

Leyou Zhang

I use mean field theory (coherent potential approximation, or CPA), numerical simulations, and exact solutions of the central force isostatic lattices, including the square and the kagome lattices in 2D, which are characterized by coordination number z=2d, and exhibit sub-extensive numbers of zero-frequency floppy modes when the lattice is of finite size, to study a variety of problems such as percolation,  finite temperature inear response theory and fracturing. I’m a theorist.

Institution: The University of Michigan
Advisor: Xiaoming Mao

Shuang Zhou

I am an experimentalist. My interest of research is to explore the physics of liquid crystal material and active materials.

Institution: Kent State University
Advisor: Dr. Oleg Lavrentovich


Photo & Contact Information Research Interests

Mark Bowick

Soft Matter (Theorist)

Institution: Syracuse University
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William Irvine

Topological fluids and soft matter. (Experimentalist)

Institution: University of Chicago
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M Cristina Marchetti

I have worked on a variety of problem in condensed matter physics and nonequilbrium statistical physics, including vortex lines in superconductors, supercooled fluids and disordered systems. I am currently interested in understanding the emergent behavior of soft and biological materials, from vibrating grains of sand to cell motion in living tissues. (Theorist)

Institution: Syracuse University
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Leo Radzihovsky

I am interested in states of condensed matter and phase transitions between them, particularly when fluctuations and correlations are qualitatively important. (Theorist)

Institution: University of Colorado at Boulder
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Vincenzo Vitelli

I work on soft condensed matter theory with a special emphasis on non-linear dynamics, topology and geometry of soft materials and disordered media. (Theorist)

Institution: Leiden University
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Photo & Contact Information Research Interests

Noel Clark

I study soft condensed matter including colloids, liquid crystals, and biomolecular materials. (Experimentalist)

Institution: University of Colorado
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Zvonimir Dogic

The focus of my research group is on self-assembly of soft materials. We study systems that are in equilibrium but are also creating biologically inspired model that operate far from equilibrium. (Experimentalist)

Institution: Brandeis University
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Eric Dufresne

I am broadly interested in soft matter and biological physics. My lab does experiments and a bit of theory. (Experimentalist)

Institution: Yale University
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Efi Efrati

Frustrated elastic systems and handedness in soft matter. (Theorist)

Institution: Weizmann Institute of Science

Jean-François Joanny

Research themes: wetting, polymrs, surfactants, colloids, membranes.Current research: acive membranes, cell motility, cell adhesion, molecular motors-cytoskeleton organization.

Institution: Institut Curie
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Mehran Kardar

Statistical physics, with applications to non-equilibrium processes and fluctuation-induced forces. (Theorist)

Institution: MIT
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Oleg D. Lavrentovich

Liquid crystals, from electro-optics to living types. For further information see (Experimentalist)

Institution: Kent State University
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Pierre Le Doussal

I am a theorist. My field of research is statistical physics and condensed matter physics, mainly the theoretical physics of disordered systems. My recent interests include non-equilibrium dynamics, avalanches and growth phenomena.

Institution: École Normale Supérieure
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Alex J. Levine

I study soft condensed matter and biological physics with an emphasis on semiflexible networks and membranes. (Theorist)

Institution: UCLA
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Tom Lubensky

I specialize in the theory of soft matter from colloids to liquid crystals. My major research interest at the moment is in topologically protected surface modes in marginally stable (isostatic) periodic crystals. (Theorist)

Institution: University of Pennsylvania
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M. Lisa Manning

The Manning group is interested in non-equilibrium collective behavior in both biological and non-biological systems. The uniting principle is that physics-based statistical mechanics models can provide insight into the emergent behavior of large groups of strongly interacting objects (granular particles, biological cells, atoms, droplets) at high densities. (Theorist)

Institution: Syracuse University
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Narayanan Menon

I use table-top experiments as a venue in which to explore nonequilibrium statistical physics. The physical systems we work on include granular materials, and flexible sheets and fibres, and in the past, supercooled liquids and glasses. (Experimentalist)

Institution: University of Massachusetts
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Sidney Nagel

I work on studies of jamming and on fluid dynamics associated with singularities and pattern formation. (Experimentalist)

Institution: University of Chicago
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David R. Nelson

condensed matter and quantitative biology (Theorist)

Institution: Harvard University
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Jennifer Ross

The Ross Lab studies how the microtubule cytoskeleton organizes the interior of living cells using in vitro reconstitutions experiments of active bio-matter. (Experimentalist)

Institution: University of Massachusetts
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Ivan I. Smalyukh

Soft matter, colloids, biophotonics, electro-optics, self-assembly, imaging, topology, polymers (Experimentalist)

Institution: University of Colorado
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John Toner

I work on long-wavelength theories of many degree of freedom condensed matter systems, both equilibrium and non-equilibrium. My current concentration is in Active Matter (aka “flocking”), liquid crystals, and the surprising overlap between the two. (Theorist)

Institution: University of Oregon
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