Boulder School 2003: Frontiers of Magnetism: Theory, Experiment, and Applications

June 30-July 25, 2003

Scientific Coordinators

Daniel Arovas, Anupam Garg, Nicola Spaldin

Site Coordinator: Leo Radzihovsky

The Boulder 2003 summer school aims to give attendees exposure to some of the most vital areas of study in magnetism on both basic and applied fronts.

Group Photo

Public Lectures

G1B20 Duane Physics Building, CU Campus

Confirmed list of 2003 lecturers and seminar speakers:

Daniel Arovas A Quantum Mechanic’s Tool Box (University of California, San Diego)
Michael Coey Oxide and Semiconductor Magnetism (Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland)
Daniel Cox Quantum Impurity Problems (University of California, Davis)
Anupam Garg Spin Semiclassics (Northwestern University)
Olle Heinonen Computational Applied Magnetics (Seagate Technology)
Frances Hellman Fundamentals of Experimental Magnetism (University of California, San Diego)
Claire Lhuillier Frustrated Magnets (LPTL Jussieu, France)
Allan MacDonald Semiconductor Spintronics (University of Texas, Austin)
Brian Maple Magnetic Impurities in Metals (University of California, San Diego)
Andrew Millis Theory of Magnetic Oxides (Columbia University)
Stuart Parkin Spintronics (IBM Almaden)
Daniel Ralph Nanomagnets (Cornell University)
Subir Sachdev Quantum Criticality in Magnetic Systems (Yale University)
Richard Scalettar Computational Quantum Magnetism (University of California, Davis)
B. Sriram Shastry The Microscopic Basis of Magnetism (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India)
Nicola Spaldin Electronic Structure Methods for Magnetic Materials (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Harry Suhl Modern Micromagnetism (University of California, San Diego)
Yuri Suzuki Fabricated Magnetic Structures (Cornell University)
Wolfgang Wernsdorfer Molecular Magnets (CNRS, Grenoble, France)