Boulder School 2006: Physics of Soft Matter: Complex Fluids and Biological Materials

June 26-July 21, 2006

Scientific Coordinators:

Corey O’Hern (Yale), Eric R. Dufresne (Yale), Thomas R. Powers (Brown), Anthony Dinsmore (UMass)

Site Coordinator: Leo Radzihovsky

The Boulder 2006 summer school aims to give attendees exposure to some of the most vital experimental and theoretical areas of study in the physics of complex fluids and biological materials.

Group Photo

Public Lectures

Duane Physics Building, G1B20

List of 2006 expected lecturers and seminar speakers:

Paul Chaikin, NYU
Bulbul Chakraborty, Brandeis University
David Chandler, UC Berkeley
Seth Fraden, Brandeis University
Daan Frenkel, FOM Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics
Bill Gelbart, UCLA
Jerry Gollub, Haverford College
Josef Käs, University of Leipzig
Albert Libchaber, Rockefeller University
L. Mahadevan, Harvard
Tom Mason, UCLA
Simon Mochrie, Yale University
Phil Pincus, UCSB
Mark Robbins, Johns Hopkins University
Joseph Rudnick, UCLA
Sam Safran, Weizmann Institute
Eric Weeks, Emory University
David Weitz, Harvard University
John Widom, Northwestern University