Boulder School 2005: Physics of Mesocopic Systems

July 4-29, 2005

Scientific Coordinators:

Igor Aleiner , Anton Andreev, Piet Brouwer, Konrad Lehnert

Site Coordinator: Leo Radzihovsky

The Boulder 2005 summer school aims to give attendees exposure to some of the most vital experimental and theoretical areas of study in the physics of mesoscopic systems.

Group Photo

Public Lectures

Duane Physics Building, G1B20

Confirmed list of 2005 lecturers and seminar speakers:

B.L. Altshuler (Princeton): quantum interference in metals
N.O. Birge (Michigan): quantum interference and relaxation
L.I. Glazman (Minnesota): interaction effects in quantum dots
B.I. Halperin (Harvard): spin related physics; quantum Hall effect
C.L. Kane (Penn): electrons in one dimension
L.S. Levitov (MIT): topics in nonequilibrium electron transport
C.M. Marcus (Harvard): quantum dot mesoscopics
P.L. McEuen (Cornell): carbon nanotubes
D.C. Ralph (Cornell): metal nanoparticles
M.L. Roukes (Caltech): nanomechanics
R.J. Schoelkopf (Yale): noise and quantum measurement
A.D. Stone (Yale): ballistic transport
R.L. Willett (Lucent): quantum Hall effect