Boulder School 2002: Physics of Soft Condensed Matter: Colloids, Liquid Crystals, Emulsions, Granular Matter and Foams

July 1-26, 2002

Scientific Coordinators:

Randall D. Kamien, Fred MacKintosh, Leo Radzihovsky, David A. Weitz

Site Coordinator: Leo Radzihovsky

The Boulder 2002 summer school aims to give attendees exposure to some of the most vital experimental and theoretical areas of study in the physics of soft condensed matter.

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Confirmed list of 2002 lecturers and seminar speakers:

Paul Chaikin Colloids (Princeton University)
Douglas Durian Foams (University of California, Los Angeles)
Daan Frenkel Simulation of Ordered Phases (FOM, Netherlands)
Randall Kamien Geometry of Materials (University of Pennsylvania)
Ka Yee Lee Langmuir Films (University of Chicago)
Andrea Liu Polyelectrolytes (University of California, Los Angeles)
Tom Lubensky Hydrodynamics and Elasticity (University of Pennsylvania)
Robert Meyer Liquid Crystals (Brandeis University)
Sid Nagel Granular Material (University of Chicago)
David Nelson Defects and Phase Transitions (Harvard University)
Phil Pincus Charged Systems (University of California, Santa Barbara)
David Pine Rheology and Scattering (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Thomas Powers Biophysics (Brown University)
Michael Rubinstein Polymer Physics (University of North Carolina)